Executive Coaching

Coaching in an organisational context means finding the sweet spot for leaders such that they thrive and fulfil their potential whilst contributing optimally to the success of the organisation they are a part of whist playing a positive role in the lives of those she works with.    

Coaching in organisations acknowledges and integrates the important overlay of organisational drivers and context with the personal.

Executive coaching is a bespoke form of leadership development.  It’s a skilled intervention designed to unlock an individual’s potential to maximise their performance and enable them to be all that they can be.  

It is more than improving performance, more than the application of strategies to deal with pressure and thriving in a challenging environment (although these are important of course).   At apod we consider executive coaching to be a process of development based on reflection, awareness raising and personal insight.  It requires deep self-examination that can lead to an expanded perspective, both of oneself, the people around you and the organisation in which you want to flourish and see flourish.

We take this psychological (inside out) approach to executive coaching, hold and investigate this through a systemic lens that acknowledges the hidden dynamics of the organisational environment and pays considerable attention to the quality of your interpersonal relationships.

The process of change is psychological and emotional, behaviour changes as a natural consequence of this interior change.

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