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Founded by Jake, for her and like minded colleagues, to creatively apply psychological principles to organisations and individuals, in a manner congruent with her personal philosophy and aspirations for growth. So, what is this philosophy?

We take a relational approach to understanding and working with organisations and individuals and focus on the emergent phenomenon of change.  In addition to a strong foundation in theoretically based and empirically tested interventions, we offer an approach that’s both creative, pragmatic and sensitive to client and organisational need. A willingness to look at the complexity of relationships, processes and patterns and work from where people and organisations really are, rather than some idea of where they should be.

With this approach, apod has gained a reputation for getting under the skin of organisations, working to create environments where potential and vitality is unlocked and people and teams flourish.  Whilst we can’t predict the future, we can prepare for it by growing ourselves and our community to effectively meet it.  

Working in both the organisational and personal arenas we offer systemic organisational interventions, including executive coaching and team coaching, and deep personal work through personal coaching and gestalt psychotherapy.

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