Personal Development

Choosing to engage in personal development is a choice to invest in yourself.  A really positive step towards leading a more fulfilling life and to more positively influence the lives of those around you.  

You may be experiencing psychological issues such as difficulty maintaining satisfactory relationships, anxiety, depression or a generalised dissatisfaction with life in which case gestalt psychotherapy is likely the most appropriate approach.   It’s a deep exploration of patterns that underlie stuck behaviour in order to open up new ways of being in the world.

Personal coaching is likely to be shorter term and more outcome focused.  Sessions are longer and less frequent with you actively engaging in the coaching process in between sessions.  

Whether you embark on a psychotherapeutic journey or a coaching programme you’ll be working holistically and creatively and the relationship in the room (with your coach or therapist) is fundamental. We recommend an initial consultation to feel in to the relationship chemistry and if necessary to discuss the most appropriate approach.