Jake Farr MSc, MA, C.Psychol.


As a chartered occupational psychologist, coaching psychologist and gestalt psychotherapist my focus on leadership and personal development has been un-interrupted over the last 20 years. I work with clients from all walks of life to explore and help them to find a fulfilling way forward in their lives.

As an executive coach I work with senior leaders and their teams in business and government. I work dynamically and at depth with forward-looking intent to raise client’s self-awareness and understanding of their unique contribution and style. Clients consistently describe me as being an inspirational, caring, challenging and creative travelling companion through whatever transition or challenge they are facing.


I increasingly work with high profile individuals where my ability to create a safe space and a meaningful and trusting relationship is absolutely critical. My psychological and systemic stance, and years of experience, allows me to work deeply when required, with a profound and far reaching effect.

The work always requires working with clients to achieve greater levels of self awareness and emotional intelligence in order to lead high performing teams. I also encourage self discovery around unique signature style and impact as a leader, and at times simply support and hold clients though periods of intensity, insecurity and ambiguity in order that they are able to positively impact their organisation throughout it all. It is in immense privilege to be walking with leaders and their teams and witnessing the resonance of that work in the wider organisation.

In the personal arena I have run my own private practice for 15 years, as a coaching psychologist and more recently offering gestalt psychotherapy and systemic constellations therapy.

I love working holistically and creatively with clients to look for patterns that underlie stuck behaviours and to open up new ways of being in the world. Our relationship is a fundamental part of this as it is in this space that unconscious patterns in the way clients relate and experience the world will be reflected.

Clients come to me with a range of psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, difficulty maintaining satisfactory relationships, bereavement, or experiencing a generalised dissatisfaction with life. Therapy contributes positively to clients’ mental and physical well-being, capacity to manage life more effectively and to experience greater fulfilment in life.

Gestalt therapy encourages a creative attitude towards life and personal development and requires a delicate balance of safety and risk for health and growth to happen. My role is to co-create with you an environment and relationship where this can happen.

My psychotherapeutic approach is Gestalt and influenced by developments in neuroscience, family (systemic) constellations and tantra. The latter enabling an ease and experience in working with sexual issues.

I typically offer medium and long-term face to face therapy, working deeply towards organic and emergent change.