The gestalt approach to psychotherapy has at its heart a distinct set of principles and values about people and change:

  • heightened awareness is the key to the developmental process

  • healthy functioning depends on creatively adjusting to an ever-changing environment

  • we are relational beings - the work is always relationship-centred, contextual and inclusive

  • people are always doing the best they can in the broader context of their lives

  • unfinished situations can drain energy and affect motivation

  • exploration of the here and now provides opportunities for growth

  • change occurs when we are fully in contact with ‘what is’ rather than some idea of who we should be

Gestalt therapy encourages a creative attitude towards life and personal development and requires a delicate balance of safety and risk for health and growth to happen.  The therapists role is to co-create with the client an environment and relationship where this can happen. 

It is intrinsically holistic as the therapist works with clients to look for patterns that underlie stuck behaviours and to open up new ways of being in the world.  The therapist - client relationship is a fundamental part of this as it is in this space that unconscious patterns in the way clients relate and experience the world will be reflected. 

Clients come with a range of psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, difficulty maintaining satisfactory relationships, bereavement, or experiencing a generalised dissatisfaction with life.  Therapy contributes positively to clients’ mental and physical well-being, capacity to manage life more effectively and to experience greater fulfilment.

The therapist will support you to pay attention to your current thoughts, feelings and physical sensations in order to increase your self-awareness. In collaboration with you, your therapist will seek greater clarity on what your needs and wants are and explore both your strengths and blocks to growth in order to live a more fulfilling life. 

apod typically offers medium to long-term face to face therapy, working deeply towards organic and emergent change. 

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